Ultra Sect - "War Of The Roses" 7" EP (re-issue)

This is a special re-issue of the debut EP from ULTRA SECT. Co-released by 3 labels with a limited quantity of 100 units per label, each with a different vinyl colour and coordinated cover to match...

Breaking into the resurgent world-wide Oi! scene is ULTRA SECT, an exciting new band from the San Francisco Bay Area featuring members of THOSE UKNOWN and SUEDE RAZORS. Bringing a refreshing twist to the sound of American Oi!, their influences include American, British, and French bands such as THE TEMPLARS, ANTI-HEROS, BLITZ and WARRIOR KIDS. This much anticipated debut EP delivers 4 absolute scorchers and is only a calling card for things to come. The band already has plans to record a follow up release later in the year with an eye on Europe for the future as well as hitting the stage in the USA soon.

“Their bite and sound is on full display from the searing guitars and snapping vocals… Obvious to any listener would be the time this group has done honing their craft – with the cutting edge of the guitars and the engaging vocals it is the rumble of the bass line and thump of the drums that makes this song an A1 bovver rocker.”
Oi! Of America

“Ultra Sect delivers hit after hit with their mash-up of Bay Area bovver rock and classic French Oi! music. Hard hittin’ drums, killer melodies and superb vocals all go hand in hand on this fantastic first release… I can already tell that this will be a top contender for ‘the (best of) list’ at the end of the year!”
American Oi!

Side A:
1. Built To Last
2. Class Hate

Side B:
1. Set Sail
2. Turn Up The Oi!

This release contains a digital download.

100pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (European version / Try And Stop Me Records)
100pcs. - 7" White w/ Splatter Vinyl (Band version / Turn Up The Oi! Records)
100pcs. - 7" White Vinyl (North American version / LSM Vinyl)