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The Workin' Stiffs - Moderation 7"

There are lots of bands reuniting to take advantage of the resurgence of Oi! and street punk, often for the wrong reasons—which makes it so much more refreshing to see certain bands doing it for the right ones. While life has taken these five friends in different directions since the days of weekly gigs and nights out in the city by the bay, their music has kept their friendships strong. Reuniting to practice the oldies until their voices gave out (or someone is too drunk to stand up) led to bigger goals for these guys. These new recordings are filled with the same energy, grit, and booze-soaked aggro that the STIFFS were always treasured for. Their long-time friends at Pirates Press Records have packaged both this single, and its pair We Are The Truth in ways that are only befitting to such a long-time, hardworking crew!

This release includes a digital download card.

"Toothpicks & Glue"


Pressing Information

350pcs. - Gold Vinyl (REV Distro Version)
150pcs. - Black w/ LOTS of Gold Splatter Vinyl (Pirates Press Records Mailorder Version)
50pcs. - Gold w/ LOTS of Black Splatter Vinyl (TKO Records / Chapter 11 Mailorder Version)