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The Workin' Stiffs - We Are The Truth 7"

This single highlights two of the five amazing tracks that this staple Bay Area street punk band brought to the table during their reunion recording session; the first in over 10 years! Better yet, it’s shaped like a gear, holding true to classic WORKIN’ STIFFS iconography… Given how strong as both tracks are, this might as well be a double A-side. Pick this up as well as the Moderation 7” to really get the full gist of how incredible THE WORKIN’ STIFFS were. Like the best bands, this is a bunch of friends having fun and doing what they love and what they’ve proven to be very good at! This is classic WORKIN’ STIFFS, in a pretty impressive package that any diehard vinyl collector is going to drool over!

This release includes a digital download card.

"We Are The Truth"
"Get Electric"


Pressing Information

250pcs. - Silver Vinyl (REV Distro Version)
250pcs. - Gold Vinyl (Pirates Press Records Mailorder Version)
100pcs. - Black Vinyl (TKO Records / Chapter 11 Mailorder Version)