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Deadline - Where Were You? CD

After releasing 6 albums in 10 years, Deadline have handpicked 25 of their favourite tracks for a Best Of compilation. "Where Were You?" showcases the band at its best, from the raging Hardcore Punk of the early years to a more mature melodic Streetpunk sound of late. Liz's vocals shine through it all. This digipack release comes in a stunning packaging and great artwork, courtesy of tattoo artist Julien Gomez, it includes an unreleased version of "Last Night" and is a must for all new and old fans alike...

1. TV Dreams
2. It Girl
3. No Way Out
4. Liar
5. Going Nowhere
6. Get Away
7. The Way We Were
8. Last Night
9. On The Road
10. Out Of Luck
11. Long Way Home
12. Take No Chances
13. This Girl
14. Serious
15. Give It Back
16. Do You Think
17. 1975