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Emergency - Last Goodbye Blood Red Vinyl LP

Nearly 20 years have passed since the classic ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ album was released by this seminal Canadian streetpunk band. At the time, the internet was in its infancy and the landscape for independent music was still ruled by word of mouth and the rise and fall of a band’s prominence was driven by its quality more than the number of clicks or ‘likes’ they had. And without the help of social media, in 2005 Emergency released what many people globally recognize as one of the best albums of its time, by arguably one of the very best streetpunk bands to ever come from Canada.

The plans to follow up that album were unfortunately never realized at the time, however the songs had been written and recorded – So here are those long ago recorded tracks, available for the first time as a ‘Last Goodbye’ from the band to its fans.

“…this band really caught my ear by surprise. Not just the sound, but the lyrics; they sing about real social and political problems without being simply an "eff the system" message. I think this band could have fit in just fine with the likes of The 4-Skins or Cocksparrer.” – Amazon review (Todd Stephens, Feb. 2012)

1. Leave It Out
2. Cracking Up
3. Kill Your Idols

1Don’t Wanna
2Nobody Hates You
3Last Goodbye

First Pressing:
300pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl

Second Pressing:
250pcs. - 12" Blood Red Vinyl