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The Complicators - Self-Titled - Black W/ White Splatter - Vinyl

Originating in the Bay Area, The Complicators first made waves with their debut EP and a split 7" with Empire Down. In the years since, the band worked hard at writing the songs that would eventually become this full length - rudely interrupted by the global pandemic - and we are happy to finally be sharing these songs with the world.

They recorded at Kurt Riska's Hobbit Hole Studio in Concord, CA, laying down these 12 songs of anthemic working class punk. The Complicators each had individual influences as well as their collective favorites in mind during their time writing and recording.

Guitarist Matt Garcia cites classic British Oi! and Blitz in particular as a foundational unifying influence, as well as contemporary bands from across the globe such as Syndrome81, Criminal Damage, Bishops Green. Drummer Cameron Wallace adds that musically skilled hardcore bands such as Have Heart, Final Fight, and With Honor provided additional inspiration to the driving rhythms and overall energy of the album, which is sure to appeal to hardcore fans and the street punk faithful alike.

On the lyrical front, The Complicators preferred not to make an entirely political record, but certain issues simply demanded their attention. The standout track "American Shame," pushes back on the demonization of immigrants by Donald Trump and his acolytes, while “Priced Out” addresses those left behind by skyrocketing cost of living. On the other hand, “Blink of an Eye” is a classic PMA song encouraging listeners to seize the moment and make the most out of life. With their strongest material yet primed for release, The Complicators are preparing to take things to the next level! Giving the world the first taste of their newest sounds via the track "Another Round" on Pirates Press Records' latest For Family and Flag compilation, the reinvigorated Complicators are looking forward to teaming with the label to release their LP in the new year, and mapping out a slate of touring to spread the good word far and wide!

1. Pressure
2. K.Y.H.U.
3. Blink Of An Eye
4. Trolls
5. I See
6. Another Round

7. Working Man
8. 86ed
9. American Shame
10. I Remember
11. Time Has Come
12. Street Diamonds

Pressing info:
350pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
250pcs. - 12" Black w/ White Splatter Vinyl