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The Re-Volts - S/T CD

RE-VOLTS started in 2006 with four friends (veterans of SWINGIN’ UTTERS/ONEMANARMY/DEAD TO ME) studio-bound to lay down the soundtrack for the incredibly strange wrestling movie El Presidente. A year later this classic and timeless EP came about, 2nd and 3rd presses were necesary and we'll keep it in press because it's become an essential purchase for any fans of those bands!

01. Piles
02. Scales
03. Remains
04. Kick It Over
05. Bridge & Tunnel
06. Runner

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
250pcs. - 10" White Vinyl
250pcs. - 10" Black and Red Striped Vinyl
100pcs. - 10" Black Vinyl

Second Pressing:
250pcs. - 10" Clear w/ Shapes

Third Pressing:
400pcs. - 10" Halloween Orange inside Highlighter Yellow Color-In-Color Vinyl
100pcs. - 10" Highlighter Yellow that Glows *Red* In The Dark Vinyl