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The Drowns / Wonk Unit Split Clear W/ Black & White Splatter Vinyl 7"

The ties that bind together bands know nothing of national borders or oceans between continents, and for punk bands on tour, these relationships run deep.

The latest addition to American punk band THE DROWNS (based in Seattle, WA) is guitarist Simon, who played for years with the UK's WONK UNIT. Simon and his former WONK UNIT bandmate Alex helped book THE DROWNS on a UK tour, and when both bands met each other in full in London, they weren't just fast friends, but like family.

On this release, each band contributes one brand new song. THE DROWNS, armed with their sharp rock 'n roll sound, set their sights on a protest song about the state of the US in recent years, aptly titled "The Beast," while WONK UNIT opt for more personal territory with “Rebecca,” which deals with issues related to substance abuse, personal responsibility, and mental health.

Taken together, the songs that comprise this split 7" represent two bands separated by geography, but united by friendship, mutual sonic admiration, and common purpose. Pirates Press Records is thrilled to bring them to the world on two colored vinyl variants, housed in an incredible spot UV jacket conceived by Zak Kaplan.

Side A:
1. The Beast (The Drowns)

Side B:
1. Rebecca (Wonk Unit)

700pcs. - 7" Black Ice Vinyl
300pcs. - 7" Ultra Clear w/ Black & White Splatter Vinyl