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4 Way Split - Crim, Antagonizers ATL, Noi!se, Rude Pride 7"

Fans of streetpunk and Oi! all over the world - rejoice! To get these four exciting bands to contrib¬ute a song each for this incredi¬ble four-way split 7 inch was no easy feat. With a lot of help from the bands themselves, and some incredible artwork coming out of the Rude Pride corner, we’re incredibly proud to offer up this treasure.

If you are a fan of one of these bands and haven't heard one of the others, this is an amazing introduction. All four of these tracks are stellar, and an excellent representation of these four stand-out bands that without-ques¬tion comprise a major stitch in the fabric of this vibrant scene.

All four of these bands have these out on their merch tables and we are excited to see how far and wide these will travel! This record represented something special happening across the world in punk, with bands connecting, creating a real sense of unity, and helping each other create a scene that is more fun, more productive, and something everyone wants to be a part of even more.

Side A:
1. Antagonizers ATL - "Marching On"
2. CRIM - "Alerta, Alerta!"

Side B:
1. NOi!SE - "Lies"
2. Rude Pride - "Never Forget"

1500pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl