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45 Adapters - They Call It Justice 7''

It was two long years since the 45 Adapters had released their smashing maxi-single ‘Patriots Not Fools’, but fear not, they came back with three songs that pack the musical impact of a NYC subway train barreling down upon you. The sound is equal parts hard charging rock’n’roll, straight forward punk rock, Oi!, and pub rock; decanted with soulful vocals and catchy choruses, primed for singing along to.

Lyrically, the band continued to take jabs at mainstream society - and these three topical tunes was meant to both move the body and stimulate your mind. The title song, "They Call it Justice," is politically-minded without falling into a left or right-wing narrative.

With a slightly darker and heavy tone, 45 Adapters exposed much of the uncertainty in life, but one thing that is certain is that 45 Adapters are NOT your typical sounding skinhead band.

A Side
1. They Call It Justice

B Side
1. Cheap
2. You’re Dying

Pressing Information
500pcs. - 7" Milky Clear w/ Green & White Splatter Vinyl (PPR/REV version)
500pcs. - 7" Milky Clear w/ Red & Blue Splatter Vinyl (Contra version)