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Antagonizers ATL - Working Class Street Punk White W/ Black Splatter Vinyl LP

Antagonizers ATL are Atlanta’s premier streetpunk, rock n’ roll outfit. The music appeals to a wide audience; featuring tinges of straight-ahead Punk, Oi!, and Rock n Roll, with even a dose of Soul tossed in! No surprise, knowing that they are veteran rockers from such bands as HR (Bad Brains), Follow For Now, A.P.A, Gang Green, and Vibram 94. Laced with sing along fist-pumping choruses, high energy stage antics, and always plenty of crowd participation- they always leave fans wanting more.

They have toured with The Pietasters, Infa Riot, The Queers and Gang Green, and shared the stage with Rancid, Agnostic Front, GBH, Cro-Mags, Sham 69, Tiger Army, Vibrators, Cockney Rejects, Templars, Slaughter and The Dogs and more. It’s clear that they refuse to be pinned down to one sub-sect of punk.

A Side
1. Pressure
2. Standing By
3. This Song’s For You
4. Hold Your Ground
5. Bad Situation

Side B
1. Dead To Us
2. Just My Luck
3. Everywhere I Go
4. Back In The Day
5. We’re Not Stopping Now

First Pressing:v 100pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Promo version)
300pcs. - 12" Black & Blood Red Half-n-Half Vinyl (Distro version)
100pcs. - 12" Black & Blood Red Half-n-Half w/ White Splatter Vinyl (PPR Mailorder version)

Second Pressing:
500pcs. - 12" Blood Red & Black "Smoke" Vinyl

Third Pressing:
250pcs. - 12" White w/ Black Splatter Vinylv