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Argy Bargy - Songs from the Street LP

This 2002 release was Argy Bargy’s second full length studio album and has 14 in yer face, hard as nails but TUNEFUL modern Oi! anthems all growled out in his own unique style by Watford Jon. Spot on lyrics and terrace style chants are typical trademarks of the Bargy sound and this album is literally dripping with them.

A Side:
1. Attitude
2. Natural Born Loser
3. What About Me?
4. Immaterial Girl
5. Disappear
6. Saturday's Glory
7. Just Another Victim
8. Life Moves On

B Side:
1. We Know Where You Live
2. Stereotypes
3. Suits You
4. Empty Days
5. Broken Glass
6. Stand Strong