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Bats Out - Flying Blind 7"

From Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada), this powerful five-piece caught a lot of attention, quickly, in lots of different scenes. Their vast influences, spanning everything from American hardcore to early ‘80s UK punk and oi!, yields an extremely accessible blend of punk that folks everywhere embraced in a big way! Although the band only formed in 2013, these seasoned veterans of the scene took the Canadian prairies by storm.

This release comes with a digital download.

A Side
1. Your World
2. Flying Blind

B Side
1. Fuck Your Politics
2. Rebel Rock Revolution

Pressing Information
75pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (Promo Version)
125pcs. - 7" Clear Vinyl (Euro Version)
200pcs. - 7" Red Vinyl (REV Distro Version)
200pcs. - 7" Red & White AsideBside Vinyl (Mailorder Version)