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Bum City Saints - New Beginnings 7"

Another wonderful offspring of sheer boredom and a burning desire to play music, BUM CITY SAINTS spent their first year practicing and song writing in living rooms and backyards before playing their first show in November of 2008 at Burnt Ramen with local heroes ESKAPO and LA PLEBE. Since then, BUM CITY SAINTS have continued to spread their fast-paced punk rock throughout the Bay Area, playing alongside bands like M.D.C, KRUM BUMS, T.S.O.L, CITIZEN FISH, LEFT ALONE, MONSTER SQUAD, THE RESTARTS, SWINGIN’ UTTERS, and MORNING GLORY. In the spring of 2010 the band released their first album entitled Destruction, containing eight tracks of furious punk rock (sung both in Spanish & English!). The release of their debut album was followed by a period of intense show playing, not to mention an insane impromptu show in Oakland with STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS. While you arguably can’t capture the live energy of BUM CITY SAINTS on a record, we’re gonna help them to give it the best effort possible. In early 2011 the band returned to Earhammer Studios to record their second album, a CD, released on March 31st (with a kickoff at the notorious 924 Gilman St.!). This third full-length was released in March 2013 at San Francisco’s Sub/Mission with Get Dead (Fat Wreck Chords). That CD was immediately followed up with this 7” which cast BUM CITY SAINTS’ net much wider, helping share this loved Bay Area stronghold with the rest of the world.

Side A:
1. Steadfast
2. Triumph

Side B:
1. Dead Men Walking
2. New Beginnings

Pressing Information
250pcs. - 7" Blood Red Vinyl