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Bum City Saints - Ride The Storm 7"

With the overwhelming success of their previous 7”s, New Beginnings (also part of the Under One Flag Singles Series), fans and Pirates alike were very excited to hear BUM CITY SAINTS were back in the studio working on another 7”. Metalheads, punks, and hardcore fans all sing along to these six fast-paced, boot-to-the-face tracks, laced with inner city aggression and a heap of musical talent. BUM CITY SAINTS have been consistently holding that San Francisco punk torch, playing loads of shows around the Bay Area with bands like MDC, YOUTH BRIGADE and DI—keeping the kids happy and the pit spinning and singing along to every song. BCS even kicked off the Pirates Press’ 9th Anniversary showcase, playing alongside LA PLEBE and others. This colored vinyl gem contains six songs, including a cover of “Eye of the Tiger” played so fast it’s less than two minutes long!!

This release includes a digital download card.

1. Crush All
2. Bury Me
3. Into The Fire

4. From Ashes Rise
5. Calling Us Away
6. Eye Of The Tiger

Pressing Information
250pcs. - White with Black Splatter (Band Version)