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BOOTSnBOOZE - #4 Comic w/ Beer 7"

Argy Bargy!!! The Boots N Booze crew present to you Volume 4! This new volume in the series continues the tales of the Santa Cruz skinheads, punks and assorted rude boys!

Check out these beautifully illustrated stories that offer up a personal account of Santa Cruz in the 1980’s. Complete with all of the chaos and mayhem of pre-earthquake Santa Cruz!

Also, this volume includes another single from Santa Cruz heroes The Swingin’ Utters covering a couple of cool Cock Sparrer tunes. (This volume also includes the origin story of the name Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters!)

Be sure to grab a copy or two! This one will go fast!

I Got Your Number

Sunday Stripper

Pressing Info:
500pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl
500pcs. - 7" Red Vinyl
500pcs. - 7" Beer Vinyl