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Booze & Glory - The Reggae Sessions Vol. 2 Red & Orange Galaxy Vinyl LP

After the raging success of volume one, it seemed inevitable that there would be a follow-up reggae sessions album coming out of this European punk rock powerhouse. While the first volume took a bunch of their early classics and spun them on their head, this one flips some of their more recent hits into sure-fire reggae classics.

Kicked off by a tremendously powerful version of “blood from a stone“, and trailed by some of their most popular jams, this EP is sure to have people dancing and singing along all night long!

Undoubtedly, as the first one did, it leaves you wondering what other tracks they can work their magic on, just hoping and wishing that they’re one day able to translate this into a live show. What a party that would be!?!!!

For now, grab a copy of this gem, a couple of adult beverages and throw on a pair of dancing shoes… you will not be disappointed!

Side A:
1. Blood From A Stone
2. Live It Up
3. Three Points

Side B:
4. Carry On
5. Back on Track
6. Ten Years

Pressing Information:
First Pressing:
1000pcs. - 12" Blood Red w/ Black "Galaxy" Vinyl
1000pcs. - 12" Piss Yellow w/ Black "Galaxy" Vinyl

Second Pressing:
1000pcs. - 12" Blood Red w/ Halloween Orange "Galaxy" Vinyl