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Blind Pigs - Linha De Frente Black, White & Silver Vertical Striped Vinyl 10"

Linha de Frente (Frontline) is by the veteran Brazilian streetpunk outfit BLIND PIGS. This six-song 10” EP includes four songs in their native tongue (Portuguese), one in English, and a fantastic rewriting of a 1950s rockabilly classic, originally done by Don Gibson. Two weeks after the recordings were completed, the band’s guitar player, Fabiano, died of a heart attack. The band decided to honor him by using his leather jacket for the artwork and dedicating the album to his memory. This is an amazing EP, arguably better than anything else they’ve done—and with two English tunes, is even more accessible to the non-Brazilian masses already climbing on board in droves. Like their previous records, this EP is pressed in very limited quantities.

This release comes with a digital download.

A Side
1. Abutres
2. Sempre Avancar
3. Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles

B Side
1. Carta ao Leitor
2. Voz Na Multidão
3. Scene Suicide

Pressing Information
100pcs. - 10" Black, White, & Silver Vertical Striped Vinyl
100pcs. - 10" White w/ Silver and Black Splatter Vinyl
100pcs. - 10" Cyan and Redish w/ Easter Yellow Splatter Half n' Half Vinyl
200pcs. - 10" Silver & Gold w/ Black Splater AsideBside Vinyl