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Blind Pigs - São Paulo Chaos Oxblood & Clear W/ Black & White Splatter Vinyl LP

Released in 1997, at a time when punk was blowing up all over the globe, this blast from the southern hemisphere really turned heads - and for many, has never left that heavy rotation section of the ol’ record collection.

Blind Pigs was seen by many as Brazil’s mohican response to Rancid, the Casualties, and streetpunk more generally. This album is a true part of Brazilian punk rock history, but for many has been near impossible to find ... until now!

Peppering back and forth with songs in both English and their native Portuguese, always with the angst and intelligence that this band would become well known for, these tunes are timeless and need to be a part of your life. Pirates Press Records is extremely proud to present this re-issue, remastered and with more life than ever before. We’ve only got 200 for sale, so they will disappear quickly. Grab one today!

01. Fuck The T.F.P.
02. Sweet Fury
03. Business School
04. Lost Youth
05. In Love With A Junkie
06. Verão De 68
07. Lost Cause

08. Steroid Addict
09. No Pistols Reunion
10. Two Week Hate
11. Capitalist Myth
12. Urban Paranoia
13. Conformismo E Resistência
14. Rotten Generation

Pressing Information
250pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear w/ Oxblood Color-In-Color w/ Black & White Splatter Vinyl