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Blind Pigs - The Last Testament 12"

Blind Pigs, which since 2008 have only sung in Portuguese, revives the old days and presents three songs entirely sung in English. “What I really like is writing in Portuguese, I express myself better in my native language, but the Blind Pigs albums were coming out abroad, so the band thought it would be worthwhile to write some songs in English”, says vocalist Henrike Baliú.

These songs were recorded between 2013 and 2015, before the band announced its end in 2016, and compiles the spoils of one of the references of Brazilian punk. “It’s exciting and gratifying, to see these songs coming out on vinyl after more than five years. It brings back the memory all the energy the band was in at the time”, says guitarist Gordo.

The “posthumous” release caused a furor among fans who questioned whether or not the band would return to active activity. Henrike responds: “Today I say no. Me, Mauro, Galindo and Arnaldo are happy with Armada. I know Gordo is also happy with O Preço, but it's that thing, 'never say never'”.

01. Restless
02. Not Dead Yet
03. Steel Toe Judges

Pressing Information
250pcs. - 12" UV Digitally Printed Vinyl