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Cirguz - Tak Se Sbal Red, White & Red Stripe Vinyl 7"

Anyone who knows Pirates Press knows they have a deep love for the Czech Republic. Their vinyl is made there at one of the most famous vinyl factories in the world, and they themselves have an office outside of Prague to keep that European market flooded with some of the best vinyl that the world has ever seen and heard. During their numerous trips and tours through the country, the Pirates have laid some solid roots in their punk scene as well. Being fans of the label, and then meeting the Pirates at a gig in their tiny village of Melník, CIRGUZ made friends immediately, and proved they were not just some small village band — CIRGUZ was one of the best punk bands this vibrant Eastern European nation brought to the table, period. Unlike lots of other Eastern European punk bands, CIRGUZ’s songs are all sung in their native Czech; and their message and passion both ring louder as a result. Touring bands all know how well supported, appreciative and loyal the Czech scene is, and for their years of amazing hospitality towards the Pirate family we’re proud and honored to be able to offer back to that scene, and to the world, such a standout release.

This release includes a digital download card.

Side A:
TAK SE SBAL! (Get Lost!)
VE SPÁRECH KMOTRU (In The Claws of Assholes)

Side B:
BLUES CERNYHO KAFE (Black Coffee Blues)

BONUS (digital download & digital release only)
D1. KECY (The Bollocks)
D2. ŠPATNÝ NÁHODY (Bad Accidents)

Pressing Information

200pcs. - 7" Red and White Stripes (REV & PPR VERSION)
250pcs. - 7" Czech Flag Vinyl (BAND VERSION)
50pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (PROMO VERSION)