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CRIM - Cançons de Mort Coke Bottle Green W/ Green & Gold Smoke Vinyl LP

Catalans punk band CRIM are back with their fourth proper studio LP, Cançons de Mort. Perhaps the most internationally noted band from Catalonia, CRIM attracts attention from all over the world to the intensity of their scene with their dark brand of punk rock, sung in their native tongue.

Even if one does not speak the language, the ominous imagery CRIM employs on their records, from their noose logo to the lavishly executed artwork on their releases, it is obvious that they deal with the dark side of life...and death. So it should come as no surprise that the title track of their new album translates to "Songs of Death," and finds the band singing about inevitable ends - not only an individual's mortality, but also to the ultimate collapse of a sickened & self-destructive society.

However, CRIM also stand up and write anthems of resilience and self-sufficiency, such as on the single "Vam Riure Tant" ("We Laughed So Much"), which speaks of the human spirit to run forward, relying on neither police nor any other authority to live your life, even in the face of so much bleakness & strife.

With the band's trademark hard-driving, gritty street-punk sound firmly intact, CRIM are a band whose sound crosses borders and speaks loud and clear. Cançons de Mort finds the band at the top of their game, engaging with the dark sides of life and death, but building up the spirit to rise above...universal themes that know neither national borders nor language barriers.

Side A:
1. Vaig sense mans
2. Vam riure tant..
3. Patrimoni mundial
4. Cançons de mort
5. La part preferida I
6. Sense tu estic molt bé

Side B:
7. La veritat és perillosa
8. Estiu de merda
9. Revolta dels Somriures
10. No vull que et calmis
11. La part preferida II
12. Ultracentre

950pcs. – 12” Black Vinyl
350pcs. – 12” Brown & Gold Galaxy Vinyl
350pcs. – 12” Coke Bottle Green with Evergreen and Gold Smoke Vinyl
350pcs – 12” Evergreen and Brown AsideBside with lots of Gold Splatter Vinyl