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Cock Sparrer - Here We Stand Cassette

With Here We Stand, legendary punk rockers Cock Sparrer moved into the 21st Century, and staked their claim on an exciting new era for the band.

Never content to simply rest on the considerable laurels of their back catalog, the first Sparrer studio album since the 1990s not only put a new release into the hands of the old faithful and new fans alike, but kicked off a renewed period of active international touring and headlining festival appearances that has continued to this very day.

And while the band may sing of the "Spirit of '76" on one of the album's best-loved songs, don't think for a second that this record is about sentimental nostalgia. As with all of the band's best work, the songs on Here We Stand are remarkably timeless, with Cock Sparrer always moving forward, facing the future, and carrying that spirit onward to tomorrow.

• Domestic version is re-mastered with the band’s preferred running order of songs
• CD is available in a deluxe six-panel digipak also containing the bonus DVD

01. Too Late
02. Did You Have A Nice Life Without Me?
03. Gotta Get Out
04. Spirit Of ‘76
05. So Many Things
06. Suicide Girls
07. Despite All This
08. Don’t Stop
09. Will You?
10. Time To Make Your Move
11. Last Orders
12. True To Yourself
13. Sussed
14. Better Than This

Pressing Information

First Pressing
725pcs. - 12" Blood Red In White Color-In-Color Vinyl
725pcs. - 12" Cyan Blue In Oxblood Color-In-Color Vinyl

Second Pressing
500pcs. - 12" Oxblood, Cyan Blue, and White Tri-Color w/ Cyan Blue, Oxblood, White, and Silver Splatter Vinyl
500pcs. - 12" Clear w/ Cyan Blue, Oxblood, White, and Silver Splatter Vinyl

Third Pressing
275pcs. - 12" Olive Green Vinyl

Fourth Pressing
500pcs. - 12" Swamp Green and Bone AsideBside Vinyl
500pcs. - 12" Green and Bone AsideBside w/ Red and White Splatter Vinyl

Fifth Pressing
500pcs. - 12" "Cloudy Style" w/ Black Splatter Vinyl

Sixth Pressing
500pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear & Red-ish "Ghostly" Vinyl
500pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear & Olive Green "Ghostly" Vinyl