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Cock Sparrer - Guilty As Charged Cassette

The first of the pair of records representing Cock Sparrer’s re-emergence amidst the madness of the 1990s punk rock boom, Guilty as Charged stands as a testament to the timelessness of the Cock Sparrer sound, as these punk rock originators staked their claim to show the new generation how it’s done.

On Guilty as Charged, the band’s playing is in fine form, and the lyrics display the same exhilarating, anthemic spirit that built the band’s reputation, as seen on tracks like “Roads To Freedom.” At the same time, the band’s winking, wry sense of humor shines through, never more than when they provide a tongue-in-cheek sequel to one of their all-time classics in the form of “I Fit Central Heating (Working Pt 2).” They even open up to show the Sparrer version of a romantic soft side in “Tough Guys.”

But truly, for many fans, the highlight of the album is “Because You’re Young.” Perhaps something of a spiritual answer to the early Sparrer hit “What’s It Like To Be Old?,” “Because You’re Young” is a song from rock & rollers who have the wisdom and lived experience of years on their side. It has stood the test of time as an all-time favorite of Sparrer audiences, and is represented on nearly any list of the band’s definitive songs.

Guilty as Charged was re-mixed by guitarist Daryl Smith to bring out the quintessential sound of this mid-career classic album.


1. Get A Rope
2. Because You're Young
3. Bird Trouble
4. Don't Blame Us
5. Roads To Freedom

6. Last Train To Dagenham
7. I Fit Central Heating (Working Pt. 2)
8. Strip
9. Crack In The Mirror
10. We Know How To Live
11. Tough Guys

First Pressing:
440pcs. – 12” Oxblood & Cyan Blue AsideBside Vinyl
385pcs. – 12” Black Vinyl
275pcs. – 12” White Vinyl (Casewrapped Essentials Boxset edition)
110pcs. – 12” Ultra Clear Vinyl

Second Pressing:
500pcs. – 12” Black, White, & Silver Tricolor Vinyl

Third Pressing:
1000pcs. – 12” Silver, White, & Aqua Blue AsideBside Tricolor Vinyl

Fourth Pressing:
1000pcs. – 12” Sea Blue & Baby Blue ‘Marbled’ Vinyl

Fifth Pressing:
1000pcs. – 12” Ultra Clear w/ Blue & White ‘Twist’ Vinyl

Sixth Pressing:
500pcs. – 12” Aqua Blue & Electric Blue ‘Cloudy’ Vinyl