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Cock Sparrer - Two Monkeys Oxblood Galaxy Vinyl LP

The second of the pair of records representing Cock Sparrer’s re-emergence amidst the madness of the 1990s punk rock boom, Two Monkeys once again found these punk rock originators keeping time with the new generation while staying true to the classic sound that first made them an institution.

Longtime fans were rewarded as the band added the final chapter to their "Working" trilogy - which they began on the classic Shock Troops and continued on Guilty as Charged - finally concluded on Two Monkeys with “I Live in Marbella (Working Pt 3).”

However, perhaps the two highlights of the proceedings display a different side of Cock Sparrer altogether and an emotional core for the album. "Battersea Bardot" is a nostalgic tribute to the late London-born actress Carol White. And finally, the band, now grown men with priorities for home and family, made space on the album for a love song, admiring the tough-as-nails women who had captured their hearts on “East End Girl.”

Two Monkeys was re-mixed and re-mastered to represent the essential version of the album.


1. A.U
2. Before the Flame Dies
3. Tart
4. Lies?
5. East End Girl
6. Anthem

7. Time to Be Me
8. I Live in Marbella (Working Part 3)
9. Bats Out
10. Battersea Bardot
11. I Feel a Death Coming on
12. Back Home
13. Goodbye


First Pressing
- 12" Black Vinyl [385pcs.]
- 12" Gold Vinyl [275pcs. - SOLD OUT]
- 12" Oxblood & Cyan Blue AsideBside Vinyl [440pcs. - SOLD OUT]
- 12" Ultra Clear Vinyl [110pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Second Pressing
- 12" Black, White, & Bronze Tri-Color Vinyl [500pcs.]

Third Pressing
- 12" Bronze, White & Silver Tri-Color AsideBside Vinyl [1000pcs.]

Fourth Pressing
- 12" Clear & Brown "Smoke" Vinyl [1000pcs.]

Fifth Pressing
- 12" Beer & Black "Smoke" Vinyl [500pcs.]
- 12" Oxblood & Black "Galaxy" Vinyl [500pcs.]