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Cock Sparrer - Shock Troops - Black Ice w/ White Splatter Vinyl

Some records so perfectly capture an artist at a critical point in their creativity, and make such an impact, that they become not just synonymous with the band, but an essential piece of music history. Such is the case with Shock Troops, the album that not only became Cock Sparrer’s most acclaimed record but a defining moment for Oi!, punk rock, and underground music in general!

Originally released by Razor Records in 1983, Shock Troops proved to consist of song after song, each of which would become anthems of the burgeoning Oi! scene and far beyond. From the opening of “Where Are They Now?” on through “Take ‘Em All,” “We’re Coming Back,” all the way to the closing chords of “Out On An Island,” there isn’t a song in the bunch that any self-respecting punk rocker can’t shout along to. These working-class anthems are just as vital today, as proven by the crowds of beloved fans worldwide that continue to go wild at Sparrer’s live shows, where Shock Troops tracks still make up the heart of their setlists.

For nearly 15 years, Pirates Press Records has made certain this classic stayed in print, in an absolutely stunning assortment of colored vinyl pressings. In celebration of the band’s 50th year, we were proud to present a remastered version of Shock Troops, from the original 1/4” tapes, sounding better than ever! The 50th-anniversary gold jacket versions are sadly all sold out, but now we have the remastered versions on colored vinyl with the original artwork! Pure class.

First Pressing
- 12" Black Vinyl [110pcs – SOLD OUT]
12Black Vinyl in Casewrapped Jacket [275pcs.]
12Oxblood Vinyl in Casewrapped Jacket (Essentials Boxset) [275pcs. – SOLD OUT]
12Oxblood & Cyan Blue AsideBside Vinyl [440pcs. – SOLD OUT]
12Clear Vinyl [110pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Second Pressing
12Black, White, & Blood Red Tri-Color Vinyl [500pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Third Pressing
12Olive Green, Grey, & Black Triple AsideBside Vinyl [1000pcs – SOLD OUT]
Fourth Pressing
12Milky Clear w/ Black Circle Swatches w/ Grey & Blood Red Splatter Vinyl [1000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Fifth Pressing
- 12" “St. George’s Cross” Vinyl (White with a Blood Red Cross) [1000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Sixth Pressing
- 12" Glow In The Dark Highlighter Yellow Vinyl [1000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Seventh Pressing
- 12" Baby Blue Vinyl w/ Oxblood Stripes Vinyl [1000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Eighth Pressing
12 Olive Green, Black, Olive Green Stripes w/ White & Blood Red Splatter Vinyl [1000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
- 12" Black, Blood Red, White, Black (4 Pie Slices) Vinyl [1000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
12Oxblood and Baby Blue AsideBside w/ White & Silver Splatter Vinyl [1000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
12Clear Vinyl w/ Claret, Baby Blue, Olive, & White Oversized Swatches [100pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Ninth Pressing
12“Random Blend” Vinyl [2000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Tenth Pressing
12Ultra Clear w/ Black “Smoke” Vinyl [1000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
12Olive Green & Swamp Green “Marbled” Vinyl w/ Red Splatter [1000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Eleventh Pressing
12Blood Red & Black “Galaxy” Vinyl [1500pcs.]
12Blood Red & White Pinwheel Vinyl [500pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Twelfth Pressing
12“Black Ice” Vinyl [1000pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Thirteenth Pressing
12Gold inside Swamp Green & Olive Green Marbled Color-in-Color Vinyl [500pcs.]
12Color-in-Color (Halved) Gold inside Ultra Clear and Swamp Green Half-n-Half w/ Red, Gold, and White Splatter Vinyl [500pcs.]
Fourteenth Pressing
12Black Vinyl w/ Gold Foil Jacket [2000pcs.] – 50th Anniversary Edition
Fifteenth Pressing
12Black Ice w/ White Splatter Vinyl [500pcs]
12Bleach Marble [500pcs.]

1. Where Are They Now
2. Riot Squad
3. Working
4. Take 'em All
5. We're Coming Back
1. Watch Your Back
2. I Got Your Number
3. Secret Army
4. Droogs Don't Run
5. Out On An Island