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Cock Sparrer - Running Riot In 84 - Koi Pond Marble - Vinyl

Before Shock Troops even hit the shops, the band's guitarist Micky Beaufoy had left, replaced with Shug O’Neil who brought a fresh approach to songwriting, giving Running Riot in ’84 a sound that was different from the band's recorded output to date. Cock Sparrer split up before the record hit the pressing plant, meaning they had very little input in the release. Only 8 studio songs were recorded, so label Syndicate bolstered this with two ‘live’ (in the studio!) tracks. The front cover was also a last-minute thrown-together affair by the label who decided that crowd trouble from the 1979 West Ham vs Millwall match was suitable. The album was recorded in the same studio as Angelic Upstarts ‘Power of the Press’ and ‘Saturdays Heroes’ by The Business and like a fine wine has become more popular with age.

In celebration of the band’s 50th year, Pirates Press Records proudly presented Cock Sparrer's second full-length, remastered and sounding better than it ever had. The 50th-anniversary gold jacket versions are sadly all sold out, but now we have the remastered versions on colored vinyl with the original artwork!

First Pressing
- 12" Black Vinyl [385pcs.]
- 12" Cyan Blue Vinyl in Casewrapped Jacket (Essentials Boxset) [275pcs. – SOLD OUT]
- 12" Oxblood & Cyan Blue AsideBside Vinyl [440pcs. – SOLD OUT]
- 12" Clear Vinyl [110pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Second Pressing
- 12" Black, White, & Silver Tri-Color Vinyl [500pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Third Pressing
- 12" Piss Yellow w/ Black Circle Swatches & White & Black Splatter Vinyl [500pcs.]
- 12" Black Inside White Inside Piss Yellow Tri-Color Color-In-Color Vinyl [500pcs.]
Live N Loud
First Pressing
- 12" Blood Red Vinyl (Live Essentials Boxset) [385pcs.]
- 12" Oxblood & Cyan Blue AsideBside Vinyl [440pcs. – SOLD OUT]
- 12" Clear Vinyl [110pcs.]
- 12" Ultra Clear w/ Oxblood, Cyan Blue, White,
Blood Red, Gold, & Silver Splatter Vinyl (Essentials Boxset) [275pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Second Pressing
- 12" “Nuclear” White & Blood Red (4 Slices) Vinyl [500pcs. – SOLD OUT]
Third Pressing
- 12" White w/ Blood Red Circle Swatches w/ Blood Red & Black Splatter Vinyl [500pcs.]
- 12" Black Inside White Inside Blood Red Color-In-Color-In-Color Vinyl [500pcs.]
Fourth Pressing
- 12" Black Vinyl w/ Gold Foil Jacket [1000pcs.] – 50th Anniversary Edition
Fifth Pressing
- 12" Black Ice w/ White Splatter [500pcs.]
- 12" Koi Pond Marble Vinyl [500pcs.]

1. Run with the Blind
2. Is Anybody There?
3. Price Too High to Pay
4. Think Again
5. Don't Say a Word
6. The Sun Says
7. They Mean Murder
8. Closedown
9. Chip on my Shoulder (live)
10. Runnin' Riot (live)