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Cock Sparrer - Forever (Remastered) - Smoky Tint - Cassette

For many, this band requires no introduction, as they are indeed legends in a vibrant scene stretching across the world. At the same time, for anyone not part of that category, they are far and away the best band that you’ve not heard yet.

This full length, their sixth, truly exemplifies how incredible and how special this band is. Rather than follow the all-too-common trajectory of releasing a new full length every few years, and following it up with tour after tour, SPARRER really remained selective with the new music they’ve chosen to release, the gigs they were willing to play, and for many people that is what really sets them apart. There is no ‘fluff’ - ever! All of their albums are classics, and this one is as well. Hit after hit, hook after hook, singalong after sing-along and jam packed with substance, Forever is an album treasured by hundreds of thousands of fans and will be for decades to come.

These best of friends wear their hearts on their sleeves, and bring an intensity and emotional component to everything that they do – whether it is recording new tracks, or getting on stage to thoroughly impress thousands of fans with their incomparable and truly spectacular live performances.

This album does nothing short of illustrate that perfectly - and this version, remastered when we celebrated the band's 50th anniversary, also does so in step.

Pressing Info: 100pcs. - Smoky Tint Cassette

A Side
1. One By One
2. Believe
3. Gonna Be Alright
4. Don't Tell Anyone Anything
5. Family Of One
6. Every Step Of The Way
B Side
7. In My Town
8. Contender
9. Nothing Like You
10. I've Had Enoughv 11. Somebody's Brother; Somebody's Son
12. Us Against The World