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Cock Sparrer - The Albums 1978-87 - CD Boxset

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Released by Cherry Red, this 4 CD, 53 track clamshell box features all the releases by Cock Sparrer between 1977-87.

Disc 1 is the ultra-rare self-titled debut LP – previously only released in Spain – containing the singles "Runnin’ Riot" and "We Love You" and now comes with five bonus cuts that effectively round up all of the band’s earliest known recordings.

“Shock Troops” – one of THE greatest Punk Rock albums of all time – is disc 2. Re-mastered from the original tapes it now comes with the addition of the seminal ‘England Belongs To Me’ single. Bands such as Agnostic Front and Dropkick Murphys have covered songs from this album. It’s a masterpiece!

The third disc contains the “Running Riot In '84” album which featured the Oi! compilation album classic "The Sun Says."

Disc 4 is the band’s first ever official In concert recording, 1987’s “Live And Loud!!” which was originally released on the legendary Link Records. Again, it’s re-mastered from the original tapes.

The booklet features sleeve notes and pictures of all the relevant singles, many now ultrarare and expensive Punk collectors’ items.


Disc One: Cock Sparrer 
1. We Love You 
2. Sister Suzie 
3. Platinum Blonde 
4. Taken For A Ride (We Think You Don’t) 
5. Again And Again 
6. Runnin’ Riot 
7. Chip On My Shoulder 
8. Watcha Gonna Do About It 
9. Teenage Heart 
10. I Need A Witness

Bonus Tracks 
11. Sunday Stripper 
12. Trouble On The Terraces 
13. What’s It Like To Be Old 
14. Run For Cover 
15. What’s It Like To Be Old (Second Version)

Disc Two: Shock Troops 
1. Where Are They Now? 
2. Riot Squad 
3. Working 
4. Take ‘Em All 
5. We’re Coming Back 
6. Watch Your Back 
7. I Got Your Number 
8. Secret Army 
9. Droogs Don’t Run 
10. Out On An Island

Bonus Tracks 
11. England Belongs To Me 
12. Argy Bargy 
13. Colonel Bogey

Disc Three: Running Riot IN ‘84 
1. Run With The Blind 
2. Is Anybody There? 
3. Price Too High To Pay 
4. Think Again 
5. Don’t Say A Word 
6. The Sun Says 
7. They Mean Murder 
8. Closedown 
9. Chip On My Shoulder (Live) 
10. Runnin’ Riot (Live)

Bonus Track 
11. The Sun Says (Oi! LP Version)

Disc Four: Live And Loud!! 
1. Riot Squad 
2. Watch Your Back 
3. I Got Your Number 
4. Take ’Em All 
5. We Love You 
6. Working 
7. Argy Bargy 
8. Where Are They Now? 
9. White Riot 
10. Runnin’ Riot 
11. The Sun Says 
12. Secret Army 
13. England Belongs To Me 
14. Chip On My Shoulder