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Dad Brains - Dadditude Blood Red Vinyl 7"

The masters of punk rock satire, dad jokes, and ripping hardcore riffs dished out more goods for another Father’s Day record! For comedy value alone, this band, and this record kill it - thankfully though, there is significant musical substance behind the comedy. Drawing from their roots in California punk rock, hardcore, and fatherhood, the “DADDITUDE” that these seasoned musician-dads are delivering is more than just a cheap shot at comedy; it’s something a lot of people in the punk and hardcore world are taking seriously… Well, as seriously as you can, given the lyrical content. The artwork is pretty amazing on top of it. ...pick one up for the punk rock or Hardcore dad in your life today!

Side A:
1. Daddy Guilt
2. Little Things

Side B:
1. Dadditude
2. Father’s Day