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Detournement - Screaming Response Red Vinyl 7"

Members of WORTHLESS UNITED, LIFETIME, BIGWIG and ENSIGN made up this special band known as DETOURNEMENT. The band included Zak Kaplan (WORTHLESS UNITED), Tom Petta (BIGWIG), Scott Golley (LIFETIME), Dan Desimoni (PLAN A PROJECT) and Nate Gluck (ENSIGN). DETOURNEMENT’s debut release Screaming Response takes a short, fast, and loud approach to song writing, using politically pointed lyrics and an abrasive delivery. This album was a furious and scalding critique of a collapsing economic system, a battle cry to define and organize the struggle and a hardcore punk record that sounds as if the genre was being discovered for the first time.

Unique printed and case-wrapped sandpaper jacket, colored vinyl, and 12 page booklet.

Side A:
1. Focus...Explosion!
2. Stand Firm
3. Men and Maggots
4. No Están Solos

Side B:
5. The Dead Man Cries For Vengeance
6. Stranglehold U.S.A.
7. The Power Is Ours
8. Odessa