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The Drowns - Under Tension Red & Black Galaxy Vinyl LP

When we initially released this record, we said this was going to be an instant classic. We were right on the money – this was hailed as one of the best punk records of 2020 by writers and fans alike! Unfortunately, the album never reached its full potential as it was released in January of 2020 – about one month before COVID effectively shut down the record.

This lineup of seasoned veterans has been shaking up the rock ‘n’ roll world in incredible style. The highly anticipated full length, produced by the amazing Ted Hutt (Dropkick Murphys, Gaslight Anthem, Flogging Molly, Street Dogs), is nothing short of fantastic. Their relentless approach to touring and spreading their Rock and Roll gospel is turning heads and getting people out in droves to see their explosive live performances! Whether it’s in a sweaty basement or club, or on the deck of an aircraft carrier, the way Rev and the boys drive these tunes and their message home is ENORMOUS! Do not pass up any opportunity to see The Drowns live, and make sure to grab a copy of “Under Tension.” With absolutely zero fluff, and a barrage of scorchers like “Demons“, “Hold Fast“, “Black Lung“, and the “Cue The Violins” ... this is an instant classic! Guaranteed.

1. Black Lung
2. Them Rats
3. Wolves on the Throne
4. Hold Fast
5. One More Pint

1. Demons
2. Wastin’ Time
3. Cue the Violins
4. The Harder They Come
5. The Unknown
6. Battery Street