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The Drowns - Hold Fast Demons - 12'' Single

Yet again, the Pirates aimed to change the game with this release. Never before had something like this been made.

Introducing two songs that come from The Drowns’ critically acclaimed LP “Under Tension,” this 12“ one-sided record leaves just about any vinyl collector speechless.

On first inspection, this may seem like it’s a picture disc, but it’s not! As the leaves in the wreath are actually transparent! This one-sided record is actually digitally printed on the non-groove side, with two separate passes through the machine, creating one very cool (and very limited!) brand new style of 12“ - pressed on real vinyl, sounding great, unlike actual picture discs.

The possibilities are endless for creating eye-catching and powerful releases using this new method of digitally printing on records... pairing this brand new format with a band garnering so much praise and generating so much excitement right now is the perfect fit; and best way to spread the word about both things, fast!

Side A:
1. Hold Fast
2. Demons

500pcs. - 12" Vinyl