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Epic Problem - All Broken 10" EP

‘All Broken’ is the 2nd release from EPIC PROBLEM who formed mid 2010, but didn’t really get going until their first gig supporting THE BUSINESS on December 3rd, 2011. Not a bad beginning for band of both young up-and-comers and well-seasoned veterans including Mackie, who had played bass for the iconic UK punk band BLITZ, and Jake of DANGERFIELDS and DEAD SUBVERTS.

The formation of EPIC PROBLEM began when Mackie had written a few songs on guitar and got Jake to sing on them. Drummer Greg Boulton and bass player Tony Morrisson quickly joined up, and the band began writing and gigging extensively throughout 2012, playing with legendary UK punk bands ARGY BARGY, SUBHUMANS, and THE BUSINESS, as well as American bands on tour in the UK like DEAD TO ME, NOTHINGTON, and THE BLACKLIST ROYALS.

With a sound that is equal part classic UK punk rock ala LEATHERFACE, infused with the melodic ‘Gainesville’-sound of bands like HOT WATER MUSIC or DILLINGER FOUR, this is a band that is garnering a lot of attention across multiple genres & scenes quickly! This release is no doubt a prime example of why.

01. Choke
02. Have It All
03. All Broken

04. Reverse Negative
05. Short Circuit
06. Freeground

Pressing Information

150pcs. - 10" Oxblood vinyl
150pcs. - 10" Aqua Blue vinyl
150pcs. - 10" Ultra Clear vinyl (Rev Retail Exclusive)
50pcs. - 10" Black vinyl