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Flores Y Fuego - Altar Black Vinyl LP

FLORES Y FUEGO are a hardcore punk band from Guadalajara, Mexico. Feeding on the anger and discontent of modern life, the band’s lyrical themes range from questioning their place in the world to providing a voice for the voiceless of society. They began to compose songs in the final days of 2019, as a collaboration between Rafael & Eduardo, previously of the band CUCHILLO. By May of 2020, Melisa, the band’s frontwoman, put lyrics and soul to these instrumentals, and poured that attitude and energy into the band’s first demo recordings. The first demo, and further recording sessions while the world was on pause, would become this record - Altar.

FLORES Y FUEGO possess a powerful, raw punk sound, but they are a band that defies limitations. They infuse their music with outside influences and elements, and use their platform to speak from their experience of day-to-day life and its frustrations. They provide their point of view in the form of social critique from Melisa’s uniquely sharp perspective as a woman and an individual.

With all eyes seemingly on the hardcore scene over the past few years and new bands constantly making waves and tearing down the walls of what isn’t and isn’t hardcore - female fronted bands have stormed to the front offering a new vision, perspective and voice. Soy Tu Voz! (I Am Your Voice!) screams Melisa at the end of the first song declaring the arrival of FLORES Y FUEGO as a force to be reckoned with and a band to be taken seriously. With a sound that blends elements of both hardcore and punk, and voice to back it up, Flores is ready tear down everything in their paths and build it up as they see fit. These eight raw and incredibly powerful songs sung in Spanish are just a taste of what’s to come from one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the vibrant Mexican scene!

A Side: 
1. Soy Tu Voz
2. Muerder El Anzuelo
3. GDL
4. Deceso

B Side: 
5. Altar
6. Existir
7. Circulo Vicioso
8. Por Una Cadena Mas Larga

600pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
300pcs. - 12" Black & Gold Galaxy Vinyl
300pcs. - 12" Gold & Deep Purple AsideBside w/ Black Splatter