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FM359 - Some Folks White (Distro) Vinyl 7"

What would happen if STREET DOGS took a break from the raucous road to reflect on their lives, reintroduce themselves to their families, and collect their thoughts before writing that next chapter? Well, for a couple of them, and their old friend (and original DROPKICK MURPHYS/STREET DOGS member) Rick Barton, they couldn’t keep the music from flowing. Rather than spit out more punk songs, these talented musicians decided to shake things up and write a humanitarian (non-religious) gospel Americana (punk) rock record. Neither the band or these tracks can necessarily be classified as true gospel, or country, or (punk) rock—it’s truly a unique combination of the three. Touching on the best of their classic rock influences, their unbreakable punk roots, and motivated by some seriously powerful stuff that happened in their lives, these tunes reach from all over the musical and emotional spectrums and pull it all back into one cohesive masterpiece. The title track “Some Folks” captures the spirit of FM359 succinctly and the downtrodden-yet-upbeat, positive, and empowering message that is clearly the overall goal of this project. While more melodic and perhaps less reminiscent of their other bands, “A Little Sign” shows the rugged and sincere maturity going on here, not to mention some serious musical prowess and diversity. These songs are as catchy as serious music can get.

This release includes a digital download card.

Side A:
1. Some Folks

Side B:
1. A Little Sign

Pressing Information

50pcs. - Black Vinyl
500pcs. - Blood Red Vinyl (Comes in special kraft paper hand-stamped and wax sealed envelope)
550pcs. - White Vinyl (REV Distro exclusive)