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FM359 - Truth, Love and Liberty CD

Whether you’re into punk or not has nothing to do with whether you’re going to fall in love with this record. You will. When this band set out to write and record these songs, nobody involved thought the result would have been as profound as it is. The resulting gospel, as sung and played by these legendary musicians is truly that: a gospel. Non-religious, and more like pages ripped from a diary, these songs pull from the best of their classic rock influences, their unbreakable punk roots, and some seriously powerful shit in their lives. They reach from all over the musical and emotional spectrums and pull it all back into one cohesive masterpiece. This record painted McColgan and his brethren as transcendent forces in what many people felt was a stagnant (punk) rock scene. This was a band without limits and accessible to everyone yet true to themselves and their roots all along the way. Americana, classic rock, country, tinges of punk rock, wrapped up in an uplifting folk, or even gospel backdrop, just without all the hand clapping.

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Side A:
Some Folks
I'll Be On My Way
A Little Sign
Forbidden Love
When The People Check Out

Side B:
I Saw The Light
Bring It On
Restless Man
It Stays With Me
Sons Of Liberty