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Harrington Saints - Dead Broke In the USA Oxblood Vinyl LP

As five long-time friends who played with a chip on their shoulder, HARRINGTON SAINTS’ brand of nuts-and-bolts rock & roll is gripping, intense and full of the realities of working-class life. With subject matter ranging from politics to pints at the pub with the boys, these guys grind out three-minute gems that get the point across like a boot to the ribs. While producing some of the most relevant contemporary Oi! music of their generation, these guys never forgot to have fun while doing so!

Pressing Information

01. Dead Broke in the USA
02. Pub Song
03. Bootstraps
04. Guilty
05. Working Class Friday Night
06. Let’s Go
07. Fistful of Brass
08. Kings’ Schilliag
09. A Nation Divided