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Harrington Saints - 1000 Pounds Of Oi! CD

They called us 1000 Pounds of Oi! when we first hit the stage. No one could have known the fire in our hearts. We play it hard. We play it true. It’s all we wanna do. So, come along and we’ll do it just for you! This remarkable band, who arguably were the biggest band in Oi!, couldn’t have led off their final album with a more fitting synopsis of why they were so loved for so long. Relentless, they never gave up. They never gave in. This is their third proper full-length amidst a dozen singles and EP’s and this in-your-face contribution to the world of streetpunk and Oi! is hands-down the feather in their cap. While some of the band members slimmed down a touch, their sound is bigger and fatter and hookier than on any of their previous releases! Never without a poignant message for the working class, these guys delivered in prime fashion one of the best Bay Area streetpunk albums released in a long time! These 10 songs are pulse-pounding, thought-provoking, scathing critiques of the status quo, and an empowering call-to-arms for people to come together as a community and society, to resist against all forms of oppression! An uplifting message to the working class is what fans of Harrington Saints expect and revel in - and with this album, they delivered 1000 POUNDS of it, and more!

1. 1000 lbs. of Oi!
2. Red State
3. Fremont Train
4. Pressure
5. State Of Emergency
6. Rock N Rolla
7. Broken Windows
8. Counter Attack
9. Rise Up
10. Now More Than Ever

This release contains a digital download.