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NOi!SE - Pushing On CD

NOI!SE formed in Seattle in the summer of 2009 and the chemistry was immediate as all band members had extremely varied influences, but a common vision to make quality, melodic Oi!/streetpunk that reflected the band’s perspective of the world around them. With Matt’s deployments overseas creating an inconsistent schedule, the clock was ticking for the band to get as much done as they possibly could, so between December of 2009 and December of 2010, NOI!SE recorded the Walk Beside Us 7” (Longshot Music), This Is Who We Are 10” (Longshot Music), and THE GESTALTS split 7” (Oi! The Boat Records) and shared the stage with bands like SICK OF IT ALL, PRESSURE POINT, and THE BUSINESS to name just a few. 

“…quality, stomping oi! with lyrics that thankfully avoid jingoism. Most songs call out pathetic people who refuse to take responsibility for themselves. Here’s an example with some lyrics from the song “Blame”: ‘Nothing ever is your fault/Pointing fingers until you claim your bullshit victory by default/And then when all of your days are through/You’ll sit by yourself alone/Pretending there was nothing you could do.’ This theme is continued with another song on the album. It’s clearly something that the band was dealing with in their community. Backing the songs that confront this behavior are songs about standing up and putting up a fight with your friends for the life you want. Between you and me, this is a keeper.” — Razorcake

This is a compilation of all previously vinyl-only releases by the band, including the sold out debut Walk Beside Us 7” EP and the This Is Who We Are 10” EP.

1. Idle Action
2. Coming Storm
3. Reality TV
4. Blame
5. Pushing On
6. Reason Why
7. Walk Beside Us

8. Living For Today
9. Brothers In Arms
10. Warrior Down
11. Take ‘Em All (Cock Sparrer cover)
12. This Is Who We Are
13. On The Outside
14. What Happened To The Kids?
15. War

First Pressing:
150pcs - Blue Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
100pcs - Red Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
100pcs - Beer Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
100pcs - White w/ Black Splatter Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
50pcs - Black Vinyl (SOLD OUT)

Second Pressing:
200pcs - Milky Clear Vinyl
300pcs - Milky Clear w/ Red, White, & Blue Splatter Vinyl

Third Pressing:
400pcs. - White Vinyl
400pcs. - Olive Green, Bronze, & Swamp Green AsideBside Tri-Color Blend w/ Black, Bone, & Olive Green Splatter
200pcs. - Piss Yellow & Blood Red AsideBside w/ Black Splatter

Fourth Pressing:
500pcs. - 12" Neon Yellow Vinyl
500pcs. - 12" Neon Yellow & Blood Red 'Galaxy' Vinyl