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NOi!SE - Price We Pay - 7" - Orange

Never been shy to speak out on important issues, NOi!SE delivers yet another LOUD and multi-dimensional attack with this incredible brand new track targeting the prison-industrial complex!

As a progressive, thinking-person's band, intent on remaining relevant in today’s world, these intelligent outspoken Americans do not steer away from acknowledging their advantages and opportunities in life; instead using them to try and elevate the voices of those who may not share those same privileges.

This incredible crusher of a song is a prime example of their force and their passion for spreading raucous tunes with an important message. This is one that especially deserves to stand and spin on its own - literally - as it is a very well-versed scathing critique of the prison industrial complex.

There are infinite ways to change and improve the world. Everyone needs to do their part. This record is a prime example of these fine individuals doing theirs, and Pirates is incredibly proud and fortunate for the opportunity to help spread this message far and wide.

This amazing song and package speak for itself, and will no doubt have people talking, shaking fists, and hopefully singing along at the same time!

1. Price We Pay

1000pcs. - 7" Orange Vinyl