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NOi!SE - Rising Tide 12"

Rising Tide is a seminal 7-song epic EP and a cornerstone in the NOi!SE catalog.

These tracks are crucial to the overall understanding of why this band is so important in the scene, and the unique visual design of the record really sets it apart. All the songs are pressed on one side of the record, and the image of the titular “rising tide” is printed directly on the flip side, allowing the vinyl to overlay the sleeve and give the release a really multi-dimensional aesthetic!

This one-of-a-kind design accompanies the undeniable power of the this collection of songs, resulting in a hard-hitting street punk EP that looks almost as amazing as it sounds!

1. Rising Tide
2. False Foundations
3. Brothers in Arms ‘12
4. Time Heals All Wounds
5. Blame ’12
6. How the Deck is Stacked
7. On the Outside

1000pcs. - 12" Digitally Printed Vinyl

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