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NOi!SE - Liam - Picture Flexi

NOi!SE are a band that have always dealt in pure honesty at every stage, from songwriting to performance. The listener is always guaranteed the unvarnished truth as the band members see it. However, there are many truths in life, and some of the hardest to put into words can be the truths imparted to those closest in your life, such as from a father to a son.

Years ago, while serving in the military, lead singer and songwriter Matt Henson set out to gather his thoughts to speak his truth to his son Liam, in the event that the worst came to pass, leaving the young man to grow up without a dad. It was a message to offer the fatherly advice and encouragement he feared he may not be present to give, a truth imparted the best way he knew how: through music.

Matt recorded a demo with bass, guitar, and vocals, with the intent of circling back to the song when possible. About a year later, his bandmates surprised him with what they had added to his original recording.

As moved as he was by the gesture, Matt remained uncertain about releasing it, given the raw emotional honesty of a song written for an audience of a single loved one, as well as its degree of departure when compared to a traditional NOi!SE song. Ultimately, the band will continue to speak their truth on all subjects. The raw honesty and intimate truths in this song, which will resonate with parental figures and children alike, will be shared with the world on a limited edition picture flexi, featuring artwork by Liam himself!

1. Liam