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Off With Their Heads - All Things Move Toward Their End LP - Highlighter Yellow Smoke

Here it is! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS are finally back in control of the old records. They thought that the 10 year mark is as good a time as any to do a little something special. If you are unfamiliar, this is their first collection record. It has songs from compilations and 7" records released when they were just tiny babies. In addition to the songs from its original release, OWTH added a few others that they found lying around. One is called "Aqua Panther." That was written and sang by Alex Ulloa while he briefly played with the band. The 2nd is "My Everyday Life," which was them deciding to write a 30 second or less song in under 2 minutes. Mission accomplished. The 3rd is "Shambles," which was on their split with Dear Landlord.

As with Hospitals, they decided to hand screen alternate art that they created just for the limited copies. By limited, they mean super limited! The art also has a description of every song that I wrote on the inside of the jacket. Updated from 10 years ago.

A Side 
1. Janie 
2. Five Across The Eyes 
3. Call The Cops 
4. Big Mouth 
5. That Must Be Nigel With The Brie 
6. Sleeping In Carries Car 
7. The Beijing Cocktail 
8. Closed Early 
9. Goddamn Job

B Side 
10. Fuck You, You Tee Shirt Neck Tie Wearing Motherfucker 
11. Bar Close and the West Bank Bridge 
12. Horse Pills and the Apartment Lobby 
13. Don't Laugh, I'm Totally Serious 
14. Sadie 
15. Aqua Panther 
16. My Everyday Life 
17. Shambles