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Off With Their Heads - From The Bottom LP - Milky Clear/Glow In The Dark Blue

"It's back! Off With Their Heads is back in control of their 2nd record "From The Bottom". "But Ryan........it came out in 2008! It hasn't been 10 years you jackal!" Well rest easy friend. I'm aware. The fact of the matter is that I will be touring with OWTH a bunch through February of 2018 and it just seems like an ideal time to get it back out there. So there. That's my deal. We've got a little artwork rework and even a fuzzed out bonus track from that recording session. It's only on the vinyl version, and you will totally hate it. So all is good!"

This record contains a digital download card.

Side A 
1. I Am You 
2. Wrong 
3. 1612 Havenhurst 
4. Go On Git Now 
5. Until The Day... 
6. Keep Falling Down

Side B 
7. Terrorist Attack 
8. Self Checkout 
9. Fuck This, I'm Out 
10. For The Four 
11. Ten Years Trouble 
12. I Hope You Know 
13. At Least I Know