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Red, White, & Blue - Which One Are You - Ultra Clear W/ Splatter Vinyl 2X7"

Pinning Greater London vs. The Bay Area, this four-way double 7” split truly highlights some of the best in the Oi! and Streetpunk scene. Whether it’s amidst the backdrop of an England football match or a Bay Area “soccer” match, with these four bands there are bound to be pints in hand, scarves in the air, rolled up jeans, big ‘ol boots and songs like these blasting in the background! They’re pub songs—songs you want to sing along with—songs about fighting, drinking, and loving your city and your friends... just louder, and with electric guitars. The difference is, unlike the stuff you hear on the radio made by those riding around in fancy tour buses, these blasters are played/sung/screamed by the hardworking guys laughing next to you at the bar, screaming next to you at the match, or having your back when things get out of hand at either of those places. Including THE OLD FIRM CASUALS, ARGY BARGY, HARRINGTON SAINTS, and BOOZE & GLORY.


Pressing Information

1st Pressing:
100 pcs RED VINYL (Sold Out)
100 pcs WHITE VINYL (Sold Out)
100 pcs BLUE VINYL (Sold Out)
200 pcs STARS & STRIPES VINYL (Sold Out)
400 pcs BLACK VINYL 

2nd Pressing:
500 pcs. BEER VINYL
500 pcs. ULTRA CLEAR With Red, White, Blue & Gold Splatter VINYL
125 pcs. GERMAN FLAG - Black, Blood Red, Piss Yellow Tri-Color Striped VINYL (Sold Out)