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The Complicators / Empire Down - Split White Vinyl 7"

This double A-side paired two exciting new bands, both who exploded in their local scenes and delivering top-notch songs that unquestionably helped both of these bands make their mark far and wide. The package itself is totally one-of-a-kind, with a black and white silkscreened (clear plastic) outer jacket making the hands on the cover feel 3D, roaming on top of the maps of SF and Minneapolis that the records are actually housed in. It’s brilliant, and incredible fitting - designed by Sean Smith, the bassist from THE COMPLICATORS. THE COMPLICATORS are an exciting band from the Bay Area (California) that mix Oi!, streetpunk, and hardcore to create an incredible noise. “Powerful and intimidating music, well written lyrics and killer hooks that bind it all together into sing along anthems.” writes Mark Jones of Sounds of the Streets. EMPIRE DOWN is a Midwest Oi!/ hardcore band started in early 2017 with members hailing from Minneapolis, MN and Milwaukee, WI. As seen on their 2018 debut self-titled 7” (Oi! The Boat Records) and again here, they created a very unique and driven sound of their own, exploring and building off influences spanning French Oi!, American hardcore, straight-forward melodic punk & lots more. Band members of the two bands have been friends for ages and the pairing just came about naturally, and fits perfectly. Pirates Press Records is incredibly proud to bring you these four tracks, sure to have you screaming along, wanting more!

This release includes a digital download.

A Side (The Complicators):
1. Too Old
2. Big Problems

AA SIDE (Empire Down)
3. True Believers
4. Always Down, Never Out

Pressing Information

500pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (Retail Version)
250pcs. - 7" White Vinyl (PPR Version)
250pcs. - 7" Clear Vinyl (Band Version)