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Territories / Vicious Cycles split 7" - White

Originally becoming acquainted at the Pirates Press 15th anniversary blowout know as Rock The Ship, Territories & The Vicious Cycles hit it off like a house on fire! A rip-roaring split 7" was the inevitable culmination of the instant friendship forged between these two groups of Canadian knuckleheads!

Both bands love their motorcycles, and both of these tracks are gas guzzling hits perfect for grimey bars, dirt tracks, motorcycle clubs, and just maybe even the ol’ cop shop too...

If you're keen on engines, riding on two wheels, going fast and getting dirty, or knockin’ the cops that just pulled you over, this little plume of exhaust is for you.


Side A:
1. Prairie Twister (Territories)

Side B:
1. Problem Officer (Vicious Cycles)

500pcs. - 7" White Vinyl