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The Drowns/Last Gang - Split Black Vinyl 7"

Two of the premiere West Coast punk rock bands, Seattle's THE DROWNS and LA's THE LAST GANG, have teamed up to release a special split 7" featuring one brand new track from each fan-favorite group.

Although both bands reside on the same coast of the USA, it was while touring Europe together where the idea to release a split germinated - motivated by mutual friendships and fandom of one another's music.

Each band is known for both their hard rocking punk songs as well as their socio-politically conscious lyrics. On "Subculture Rock 'n Roll," THE DROWNS celebrate the joy and enthusiasm of music, while on "Pleaser," THE LAST GANG veers into darker territory, examining a toxic culture of superficial and unattainable beauty standards.

Both songs are fantastic and Pirates Press Records is pleased to present both on 7" colored vinyl with brilliant cover art by renowned punk rock tattoo artist Hannah Blu!

Side A:
1. Subculture Rock 'N' Roll (The Drowns)

Side B:
1. Pleaser (The Last Gang)

500pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl
400pcs. - 7" Evergreen Vinyl
300pcs. - 7" Beer w/ Evergreen & Mustard Splatter Vinyl