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The Ratchets - Glory Bound Blue w/ Cyan & Bone Twist Vinyl LP

Taking off where their first two EPs left off, Glory Bound shakes at your gut. The ten tracks on their debut LP fuse rock-n-roll, punk and reggae music with THE RATCHETS’ very own explosive blend of songwriting... And because the hits are stacked from beginning to end, for one of the uninitiated, this is the perfect place to step in — the car is freshly waxed and idling and there's a full tank of gas. This band sure as hell can’t be summed up with a simple CLASH comparison, nor a ”saviors of rock-n-roll” declaration; THE RATCHETS would never allow something like that to be said about them... but if you love rock-n-roll then you're already tethered to the ten songs on this record. From the rousing "Human Amplifiers" and "Rockers Taking Over" to the soulful "Cathedral Bells," THE RATCHETS delivered an album with both substance and sound.

This remastered version of Glory Bound comes in a brushed chrome sleeve, and has never looked or sounded as stellar as it does here. Pick one up and give it a spin! It’s a CLASSIC.

Side A:
01. Book of Law
02. Rockers Taking Over
03. Human Amplifiers
04. Irritated
05. Ration

Side B:
06. Skyjack Sunday Starts
07. Don't Wanna Go
08. Cathedral Bells
09. Proclamation Time
10. Born Wrong

Pressing Information

400pcs. - 12" Electric Blue w/ Cyan and Bone Twist Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Sold as set w/ PPR199, PPR209, PPR215, PPR216)